Here is our myriad collection of casting page links. They are in alphabetical order. If you'd like to add one, feel free to email us.

Required Reading

Backyard Metalcasting Arguably the best metalcasting site. Read everything, join the forums, buy the books.
Chipmaker's Foundry One of the best out there, this site details all the projects of BYMC's resident guru.
Frank's Workshop Frank has done it all, from setting up his oil burning foundry to building several Gingery machines. His site has detailed info on lost foam casting and a CNC foam mill.
Ron Reil's Site An incredible page, including plans for the classic Reil burner.
Cast Solutions Among other things, this site has tutorials to walk you through the casting design process!

Personal Pages "The creative metalworking website", full of information for the art foundry.
A Home-grown Foundry Lots of detailed text about everything foundry.
A Nice Propane Foundry A plain and simple page detailing one man's propane foundry.
Anodizing Aluminum Long, long article on the tricky process of anodizing aluminum.
Blind Pig Foundry Don Mitchell's waste oil fired kiln/furnace.
Brass, Gold, Iron and Electric Arc Melting A great site with some advanced metalcasting techniques, including electric arcs, melting gold, and building your own pyrometer.
Build Your Idea Cool site with lots of lost foam info.
Castaway's Metalworking A great site by a frequent poster at BYMC. Includes a nice section on oil burners.
Coffee Can Foundry No doubt the cheapest furnace you can build. This would make a great first furnace. And the Improved version.
Dan's Workshop A great site for advanced metalcasters.
Dave Sipe's Foundry Page Great info about building a mini muller and a hot wire foam cutter.
David Hearn's Metal shop David Hearn is a trained professional from the steel industry and has a site on metalcasting/working and electricity.
Dr. David B. Doman's Site This website has photos of a nice Gingery lathe and milling machine, as well as several woodworking projects.
Duncan's Metalworking Pages Cool site, includes some good video of melting iron.
Foundry 101 Great step by step guide.
Foundry Fopars This is a very nice site with a good deal of foundry tips, safety precautions and more.
Forge Casting This guy takes a different approach. He uses a forge rather than a furnace for melting.
Fun With Molten Metal A well designed site detailing the furnace building process.
Heavy Metal David Ruxton has set up a nice website detailing his backyard metalcasting and machining activities.
Home Metal Casting Check out these two mental patients!
Homebuilt Cupola A page about a homemade cupola. This furnace could probably be used to melt iron.
Houston Metal Shop Club These guys mostly turn metal but pour some as well. Check the Projects.
"King of Gingery machines" If you want pics or info on Gingery machines, this is the best place to go.
Martin and Burge's website These guys laugh in the face of all the safety precautions usually associated with 1300° liquids, and have fun doing it. Their site includes some great hand-drawn pictures detailing the steps in the casting process.
Melting wheel weights There is a lot of info here about melting lead, but the coolest part has got to be the HUGE stack of ingots. See the casting link below...
Metal Casting Projects Good clean PHP site with lots of information. If you enjoy paying too much for information that should be free, here's the site for you!
Non-Ferrous Founders Society What ABYMC would be like if we were industrial, I guess ;)
Odd Duck Foundry by a BYMC/ABYMC member. An extremely detailed site depicting every step in the furnace building process. This would be a great read for someone building their first furnace. Plus a whole lot of electrolysis for anyone who wants to build a water torch!
Prometheus Unbound Website of forum member Anon, this informative site includes a complete foundry tutorial available online and in printed form.
Quick and Dirty Furnace In case you need a foundry NOW!
Ray Vin's Casting Pages Some excellent pages set up by Ray Vin. Lots of great information.
Some Guy's Shop A neat page by a Japanese caster. Includes a section on a butane burner.
Square Furnace What's this? A square furnace? This guy built his out of firebrick, and it is refreshingly different looking as a result.
Steve Redmond's site Nice general site about casting and Gingery machines.
Stoobers' A newcomer to the field documents his experiences.
Ten Minute Furnace A very simple furnace you can build in 10 minutes.
The Foundry Another general casting page. This guy has a BIG furnace.
The Shed A very detailed site with some wonderful pictures.
Tilt Furnace Plans for a simple tilt furnace.
Tim's Casting Pages Tim's site has some great info about everything related to casting.
Tom's Casting Gallery My site. What can I say? :)
Viking bronze A very interesting site demonstrating Viking bronze casting in detail.
Waygat's Foundry Page A great site with lots of info. Waygat's site also has one of the best disclaimers out there.
Yan's Foundry This guy posts on BYMC as Parameter and is building a Gingery lathe.

Projects and Information

Brass Lathe Really cool to look at, this guy built a lathe out of brass.
Casting Impellers Information on casting impellers.
Diecasting A long but interesting read about diecasting.
Motorcycle Parts How to design and cast motorcycle parts on a small budget.
StageSmith Metal Links An overwhelmingly large collection of links.
The Keel A MASSIVE lead casting by Glenn Ashmore for his homebuilt yacht.

Services and Supplies

Budget Casting Supplies Everything you need for your backyard foundry.
Cajun Shoppe A great source for high quality, low priced propane regulators and hoses.
Harbor Freight Buy anything shop related at incredibly low prices. Often gives new meaning to the term "some assembly required" and the expression "quality, time, money - pick two".
Online Metals Buy any metal over the internet.

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